DSCF3973-1My name is Cherie Langlois and I’m a hobby-farming freelance writer/photographer who specializes in pet, farm, and travel topics. After graduating from University of Washington and working as a zookeeper for eight years, I made the switch to freelance writing so I could spend more time with my (now adult) daughter.  Since 1995 or so, I’ve had over 200 articles published in magazines like Dog Fancy, Hobby Farm Home, Hobby Farms, Urban Farm, Chickens, Mother Earth News, Parenting, and Horse & Rider.  I’ve also written one teeny-tiny duck-raising book, Hobby Farms Ducks.

If you’re passionate about animals, gardening, travel, or writing, then we’ve got something in common — welcome!


  1. Found your blog quite by accident. just moved to a smallholding in Free State, South Africa, (have a day job at a private school) – farm sheep, milk cows and want to start with muscovies soon. (had some when lived on a nature reserve in the Cape, SA 4 years ago! Not sure if you still check your blog – I see last updated 2007. Let me know …

    1. cherielanglois · · Reply

      Well, better late than never! Thanks so much for your (long ago) comment, and hope all is well on your farm! I finally got around to re-launching my long neglected blog a few months ago, and plan to take better care of it in the future 🙂

  2. Hi Cherie! I found you through a Google search on Washington duck farms that turned up your post about raising ducks (http://www.hobbyfarms.com/super-ducks-learn-about-raising-ducks-3/). I was wondering if you were located near Seattle and if you’d be open to letting a few people into your farm for an photo shoot involving your ducks and ducklings (if they aren’t too skittish around humans)?

    I wasn’t sure how best to contact you, but if this is something you might be open to, please shoot me an email (:

    1. Hi Yvonne, Thanks for contacting me and sorry for my slow reply. Right now I only have a few Muscovies and no ducklings, so our farm probably wouldn’t be the best for your photo shoot. I don’t know of any duck farms offhand in the Seattle area, but you might try looking on Craigslist to see if anyone is posting duck ads around Seattle. Good luck! Cherie

  3. Thanks, Cherie, craigslist sounds like a good idea! Just to clarify, the time frame for this photoshoot is quite open ended (any time between now and the end of next summer), so if you happen to get more ducklings and are open to the photoshoot idea, please let me know!

    P.S. Muscovies happen to be my favorite duck.

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