Tis the season to be strapped for time and energy, so please excuse me for keeping this holiday blog short, but sweet.  Literally sweet.  Because what follows are my two sweet gifts to you:  two recipes for two super easy (and did I mention sweet?) treats that can be whipped up in a flash for […]

Yes, I have been known to literally hug a tree on occasion.  And yes, I do consider myself a tree hugger in the figurative, often derogatory sense in which this term is used-that is, I’m an environmentalist, defined as follows:  a person who’s concerned with, and advocates for, the protection of the environment.  But don’t worry, I’m not […]

Warning:  Goats can be addictive.  I’m serious here. Once you’ve welcomed these capricious creatures to your farm, once you’ve witnessed their silly antics, once you’ve given them head rubs and hugs and hung out with them in a sunny pasture while they lazed around you chewing their cud (or kept trying to squeeze onto your lap)–there’s a good […]

Hey Earth, I just wanted to wish you a very happy Earth Day!  🙂  I can’t believe you’re, like, 4.54 billion years old!  Bet I won’t look half as good as you when I’m that age.  What’s your secret? So … what are you doing to celebrate today?  Something awesome I hope, because you totally […]

It’s a long ways from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon by bicycle.  203 to 206 miles, to be not quite precise, if you’re joining the some 10,000 cyclists pedaling the Group Health Seattle to Portland Bike Ride (STP) the weekend of July 16-17.  Did I mention that’s a long ways? My husband Brett and I […]

Hey folks, it’s February.  Time to crack open a bottle of bubbly, splash some into those seldom-used fancy champagne glasses, and drink a toast to– Beans. No, seriously.  In case you missed the news, 2016 has been designated the International Year of Pulses.  And by the way, if the word pulse makes you immediately think […]

Next time you’re out and about, whether shopping in the city, grabbing pizza in the suburbs, or walking through a peaceful small town park, stop and take a good look around. There’s a decent chance that, not so very far away, something is hiding. Hiding–and waiting to be found. It might be hidden under a […]