18 For 2018


DSC_0522I love the New Year.  Discounting the one miserable time my husband and I rang in the New Year with a norovirus, it always feels like a new beginning, like anything can happen.  I look ahead and see the promise of new adventures and (hopefully good) challenges, of new opportunities to make positive changes in my life and myself.  And unlike Brett, who steadfastly refuses to jump on the resolution bandwagon, I adore making resolutions.

But promptly breaking them?  Not so much.  That’s why–as I mentioned in my last blog–I really liked this count-down (or count-up) method.  Not only is it fun and challenging, but it’s also flexible and forgiving enough that I don’t feel like a failure three days in.  After all, I’ve got plenty of time to complete the tasks I’ve set for myself.  Nearly an entire year.  (Note to self:  Work on that procrastination thing this year).

I can’t wait to get started.  In fact, I already have–see #11 and the photo of Dragon Fruit, a strange and tasty new fruit I tried for the first time last night.DSC_0543

So here goes (and yes, I recycled some of last year’s resolutions).

18.  Find eighteen geocaches this year.  At least.

17.  Rid our home of seventeen pieces of stuff.  Ah, the joy of purging…

16.  Meditate sixteen times.  Preferably daily, but this seems vastly more do-able.

15.  Discover fifteen new places.  This is one of my favorite things to do, so I’m bumping it up to fifteen.

14.  Be kind to fourteen strangers.  The world could certainly use more kindness.

13.  Query or submit thirteen articles, essays, and/or short stories.

12.  Cook up twelve new recipes from cookbooks I already have.

11.  Try eleven new things (foods, hobbies/sports, ?).

10.  Dust off and read ten unread books that are already in my collection.

9.   Go for AT LEAST nine bike rides.

8.  Take at least eight days off from social media.

7.   Find and implement seven ways to reduce our carbon footprint some more.

6.  Plant six new vegetable or flower varieties in my garden.

5.  Volunteer for at least five farm gleans this year.

4.  Enter four organized fun run/walks this year, one for each season.

3.  Hike three new trails.  Let’s try this again, minus one.

2.  Complete drafts of my two nearly finished novels-in-progress and start revising them.

1. Run/walk one marathon.  I’m making this number one every year until I get it done!

Did you make any resolutions this year? 

Thanks for reading~





  1. carolmerit · · Reply

    Cherie, You are so positive. Go girl!🌞

    1. LOL, or delusional….Thanks, Carol!

  2. I like your list, especially the ones concerning things already in your possession, cooking a recipe. Oh and ridding yourself of some stuff. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Ruth (and sorry for my belated reply)! I actually got #17 done already–all it took was cleaning out the hall closet 🙂

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