Kitty Love

DSC_0998How do I love thee, kitty, let me count the ways (apologies again, Mrs. Browning–see “Coffee Love”):

DSC_0071I love your silky fur, even though it doth coat each and every raiment in my possession,

DSC_0214I love your glowing eyes, even when they wouldst, like bright swords, cut me down for taking overlong to serve your repast,

DSC_1060I love your soft, quiet paws, though oft I wonder:  how can it be that you sound like a herd of thundering steeds in the wee hours of the morning?

DSCF2147I love your gentle purrs, your silent meows, your tiny mews–but not, I confess, your nocturnal banshee wails.

DSCF0872I love your different colors, personalities, and admirable talents.  But please, kitty, do not feel you must leave me gifts of mice, alive or dead.

DSCF1074I love thee, kitty, despite clawed hands and carpets, despite mauled plants and toilet paper, despite stinky litter boxes and your old age ills.

DSC_0736I will love thee, kitty, always…

***Dedicated to the cats and kittens, some pictured here, that our family fostered for Puyallup Animal Rescue, as well as our own senior kitties, Sunshine and Bastet.  By the way, PAR will have cats and dogs looking for forever homes at their PetSmart adoption event in in South Hill tomorrow (check out

What do you love about your kitty?

Thanks for reading!




  1. awritersalchemy · · Reply

    Loved this…forwarded to friends!

    1. I’m happy you liked it 🙂 And thanks so much for spreading the kitty love!

  2. I love *everything* about our rescue kitties! (And, yes, they are at least as spoiled as our ducks!) PS, you get the awwwwwwwward for cutest pics on Caturday!!!

    1. Thanks very much, Lori! Sounds like you’ve got some lucky kitties–and ducks 🙂

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