I love the New Year.  Discounting the one miserable time my husband and I rang in the New Year with a norovirus, it always feels like a new beginning, like anything can happen.  I look ahead and see the promise of new adventures and (hopefully good) challenges, of new opportunities to make positive changes […]

  I guess I’ve put off this blog for about as long as humanly possible.  Remember?  The one I said I’d write to report on how my “Week Without Plastic” went?  Of course you don’t, because this was ages ago.  But yeah, well, about that… I failed, okay? To begin with, I only kept a […]

The giant jellyfish dangled from the ceiling–a vivid yellow and orange, almost luminous. Pretty until you stepped closer and realized it was composed entirely of ugly plastic garbage found washed up on the beach.  Plastic buoys and plastic ropes.  Plastic styrofoam pieces and plastic bottles.  Plastic items you couldn’t even identify anymore. It was early […]

Happy tail-end of National Pollinator Week! On this warm, sunny June day, our farm buzzes, hums, and flutters with pollinators–those amazing animals that do the important job of transporting pollen between the male (anther) and female (stigma) parts of a flower.  Fuzzy bumblebees bury themselves in the mock orange blossoms.  Hummingbirds zip up to sip […]

So…about that marathon resolution I made in 17 for 2017. Training was going sort of okayish until last Sunday, when I awoke feeling like my intestines had twisted themselves into a fiery knot. By day’s end, I was at the hospital flying high on painkillers and calling to woozily tell loved ones I loved them […]

Three months down, and I’m still plugging away at my 17 for 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.  So far I’ve found nine geocaches (#17), cooked up three new recipes (#13), given garden gifts to seven people (#14), and discovered four new places (#10).  Brett and I have been taking swing dance/lindy hop lessons (fun!), which I’m […]