Yikes, January is half way over and I haven’t made my 19 for 2019 Resolution list yet.  But first I suppose I must confess to last year’s final tally.  So without further preamble (and no whiny excuses), here it is: 18.  Find eighteen geocaches this year.  Found thirteen.  We did try to find more, but … […]

“Nature:  The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.”  Oxford English Dictionary I planned to write this blog about canning jars, a pleasant, non-controversial subject.  But then something happened.  Sorry, but I think I’ll have to […]

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I thought I’d revisit my favorite poetry form in this month’s blog.  Several years ago on a trip to Victoria, Canada, I discovered the joy of writing haiku (see Vacation Haiku).  I love the simplicity of this Japanese style of poetry, which has only three short, spare lines that […]

Sorry, the title translates to “I love birds.”  I just wrote it in French to make it sound more passionate.  It’s February, after all. February.  The month of hearts and flowers, of chocolate and love–and more chocolate.  It’s also 2018, which has been designated the Year of the Bird by the Audubon Society and a few […]

  I love the New Year.  Discounting the one miserable time my husband and I rang in the New Year with a norovirus, it always feels like a new beginning, like anything can happen.  I look ahead and see the promise of new adventures and (hopefully good) challenges, of new opportunities to make positive changes […]

  I guess I’ve put off this blog for about as long as humanly possible.  Remember?  The one I said I’d write to report on how my “Week Without Plastic” went?  Of course you don’t, because this was ages ago.  But yeah, well, about that… I failed, okay? To begin with, I only kept a […]